• Sabbath Service

    Sabbath, 9  November 2019 | 11:00 a.m

    Prelude: Wesley Carreno

    Welcome and Fellowship: Mel Carreno

    Praise and Worship: Praise Team/Congregation

    Intercessory Prayer: Allan Ncube

             I Love You Lord

    Church Life/Offering: Mel Carreno

            Annual Sacrifice Global Mission/WB


    Offertory: Wesley Carreno


    Children's Story: Kofi Brooks

             Wesley Carreno, piano

    Baby Dedication: Kirk CJ Yoon

              Keira Isabel Mulkey

    Scripture Reading: Jesse Odiewuor

              Psalms 23:4

    Praise and Worship: Praise Team/Congregation


    Sermon: Kirk CJ Yoon

              The Shadow That Scares You

    Benediction*: Kirk CJ Yoon

    Postlude: Wesley Carreno


    Wesley Carreno: music coordinator

    Lester Smalls, Elder on Duty, Sunday, 10 November.- Sabbath, 16 November

    Next Sabbath: Catching Fish and Cleaning Fish, Kirk CJ Yoon 


    *Congregation Stands