• Sabbath Service

    Sabbath, 21 May 2022 | 11:30 a.m.

    Prelude: Wesley Carreno, piano


    Welcome and Fellowship: Kerrie-Ann Irvine


    Praise and Worship: Marty and Jacquie Bokow

           Wesley Carreno, piano

    Church Life/Offering Call: Kerrie-Ann Irvine

          Local Church Budget

    Children's Story: Video

    Scripture Reading

            Matthew 17:14-21, Romans 3:27


    Sermon: Ché K. Burgess

            The Law of Faith: Mustard Seed Faith


    Closing Song: Congregation

            Blessed Assurance, #462

    Benediction: Ché K. Burgess                                                                               


    Postlude: Wesley Carreno, piano

    Music Coordinator: Ruth Okelo

    Pianist: Wesley Carreno

    Elder on Duty, Newbegin Devaraj

            Sunday, 21 May – Sabbath, 28 May

    Next Sabbath: Fred Warfield

             The Post Pandemic Power – the Upper Room