• Sabbath Service

    Sabbath, 5 June, 2021  |  11:00 a.m.


    Prelude: Pre-recorded   


    Welcome and Fellowship: Michelle Chin

    Praise and Worship: Weymouth and Michelle Spence

    Intercessory Prayer: Lester Smalls

    Prayer Response: Pre-recorded Music

         I Love You Lord


    Church Life/Offering Call: Michelle Chin

        Local Church Budget


    Children's Story: Video


    Scripture Reading: 

         Romans 1:28-32

    Sermon: Kirk CJ Yoon

        Exposing a Common and Dangerous Sin

    Closing Song: Scripture Says

        The Gossip Song

    Benediction: Kirk CJ Yoon

    Shally Marcoe: Music Coordinator

    Johnny Vitorovich, Elder on Duty     

    Sunday, 6 June - Sabbath, 12 June

    Next Week: I vs We (Outdoor Church), Kirk CJ Yoon