The ideas on the power of prayer shown here were culled from many sources and are presented as ways to enhance your personal prayer life.  Choose from the list below. We hope you will think about and try these various methods of searching for God.


Why Pray?

The Breath of Life to the Soul

The Palms Route

Prayers of Repentance and Confession

Pray Whenever

The Eggs Expedition

Prayers of Request

Does God Always Answer?

The Promises Package

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise

Pray with Variety

The ACTS Map

Prayer for Guidance

Prayer’s Ultimate Goal

The Text Tour

Devotional Prayers

Wordless Prayer

The List Cruise

Intercessory Prayer

Separate Prayer and Bible Study

The Sanctuary Safari

More Communion Than Communication

Pray for Your Spouse

The Bouquets Vacation

Bless Your Family

Is Prayer Necessary If God Knows Everything?

The Journaling Trip

Praying the Newspaper

The TRIALS Trail


Pagan Prayers

Some Thoughts on Prayer